HGH Can Be the Fountain of Youth

Aging can affect the physical and psychological well-being of a person. The physical signs of aging which include increased body especially around the waist, decrease muscle mass and wrinkled skin contribute to the psychological effects of aging.

The psychological effects include reduced sense of well-being, low energy and vitality, mood swings and depression. The thoughts of aging itself can bother a lot of people. This explains why for so many years, even during ancient times, people have been looking for the fountain of youth.

The scientific community seems to have unraveled the fountain of youth when they discovered the relationship between hormones and aging. Essentially, their researches pointed to one important hormone, the human growth hormone (HGH).

It was found that people who are producing little amount of HGH shows consistent pattern of the physical and mental characteristics of aging. Apparently, the effects of HGH levels on aging have been tested several times. The researches have been consistent in affirming that age reversal can be possible by increasing the levels of HGH.

The pituitary gland produces large amounts of HGH during childhood and adolescence because it supports bone growth and regulates height. However, when we stop growing, which normally occurs at around age twenty, the pituitary gland produces lesser amount of the hormone. Researchers noted that the decline of HGH levels result in the appearance of the signs of aging. Though the physical signs are the most obvious and are immediately noticed, aging actually affects our entire body and overall health.

Thus, one of the common fears about aging is the fact that aging is associated with degenerative diseases that would rob us of a quality life. The publication of the Rudman study in the 1990s, therefore, provides hope for the aging individuals of the possibility of reclaiming their youth.

Risk Versus Benefit

hgh injections side effectsScientific studies actually utilized HGH injections to demonstrate the benefits of HGH. This does not mean that injections are the only way to live longer again. In fact, doctors repeatedly stress about the potential negative effects. Injections are normally prescribed only for children who have deficiency of the hormone to treat their growth problems, but the use of injections have been extended to the anti-aging medicine.

Although injections could be really effective, it is certainly not the fountain of youth people have been looking for. The risks associated with its use could be greater than its benefits. Moreover, injections are composed of synthetic hormone, which is injected to increase the HGH levels in the bloodstream.

The synthetic composition can actually shut off natural production of the hormone. Over time, the pituitary gland may become less active and less robust in its function. Definitely, everyone wants to experience the anti-aging benefits of HGH supplementation, but it should not be obtained along with risks.

Herbal HGH Releasers

herbal HGH boostersHerbal HGH is an alternative to HGH injections. Herbal HGH mainly is developed mainly in order for HGH to become accessible to the public. Herbal HGH is high affordable but has been proven to provide the benefits of HGH.

The ingredients of herbal HGH products are known as stimulators, which assist the pituitary gland in the production of hormone. Since it promotes natural production, herbal HGH eliminates the potential side effects. Essentially, herbal HGH can help you look and feel refreshed, energetic and youthful all over again.

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