HGH and Aging – Is GH the Best Anti Aging Supplement?

HGH AgingWe all dream of finding the perfect antiaging miracle cures. However, which ones are real and which are just marketing hype? Realistically the inherent manner of self antiaging is the increasing production of the body’s own human growth hormones (HGH) which control the restoration of the body’s cells. These hormones repair, renew and regenerate the bodies’ cellular tissues, which are a way of replacing the old cells with the new.

So, if we can simulate the re-growth of cells then why can we not stay young forever? The body can reproduce just about any muscle cell and with the right kind of resistance training can condition these muscles to achieve maximal power, strength, size, endurance or speed. The heart too, can be manipulated to function more efficiently however it, the cardiac muscle, is the only muscle in the body that cannot repair itself.

Therefore, theoretically if we could replace our heart at the most opportune time we could induce the anti-aging affects we seek. This theory however is inhibited by other physiological and non-physiological factors, which naturally age us. The fact that at a certain age our HGH production levels reach a minimum would mean we would from that point on have to take best HGH anti aging supplements.

Typically, Human Growth Hormones therapy gives the following antiaging effects:

– stimulation of the body cells to increase in size and divide therefore creating muscle mass is increased. The HGH produced targets the long bones to stimulate growth. This benefit is important for the cure of dwarfism in children.

– the mobilization of fats for fuel helps decrease unwanted weight in users of the supplements.

– liver tissue is repaired in the same manner as the skeletal muscle. Insulin like growth factors is regulated by the liver because of the secreted HGH. These hormones are naturally produced in the pituitary gland located at the anterior lobe of the brain.

On the other hand, some injectable GH trials were not successful, providing more negative outcomes than positive. Some participants in clinical trials suffered from side effects such as joint discomfort. Diabetes was also a side effect in some subjects due to the change of insulin production and so on.

What are the Signs of HGH Deficiency?

Generally, you will experience decreases in your muscle mass, increases in your body fat levels, decreased capability to exercise regularly, increased cholesterol levels, and a decrease in your sexual performance.

Those are some significant signs of your body not producing enough human growth hormone. When you supplement your body’s natural production of hgh, you will start to see a reversal of those changes mentioned above. You can lose body fat, increase your muscle mass, increase your sexual performance and lower your cholesterol levels.

If you believe you are experiencing a deficiency in human growth hormone, you can talk to your doctor and see if HGH supplementation is right for you.

Why do Celebrities Take HGH?

human growth hormone antiagingAs you get older, your production of HGH decreases and your body is not able to heal itself as it once did when you were younger. This decrease in hormone production leads to premature aging including weakened bones and sagging skin. Celebs take HGH to ward off the appearance of aging. HGH has been proven to increase bone density and skin thickness and firmness.

If you want to firm up your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, you would take human growth hormones to regain your youthful looks. Celebrities also use human growth hormone for weight loss and reducing their body fat and increasing their lean muscle mass.

What are the Most Noticeable Anti-Aging Effects of GH?

HGH antiaging effects actually refer to the elasticity of skin, which the human growth hormone is known to increase. Naturally, when your skin looks better, you are able to hide your real age. So, although anti-aging effects do not refer to stopping this process, these supplements can definitely reduce the results that aging will leave on your body.

HGH antiaging quality supplement can offer a boost to the energy level and when you are more energetic your surely feel healthier and younger. There is no wonder after all that HGH has become an important supplement when it comes to dealing with aging.

antiaging quality supplementOther benefits that best HGH supplements will have on your body include fat loss, muscle improvement and immunity enhancement. It will surely slower the aging process with almost no risks or potential side effects. Natural human growth hormone products are quite safe and they surely are very affordable. You will be able to find them as pills, injections or even sprays.

If you stay committed to the treatment, no matter if you decide for HGH in the form of pills or spray, you will definitely experience skin toning and repairing, muscle repair and a better sleep. You will also be healthier and more energetic after completing a best HGH antiaging treatment.

If you are not sure yet about the best type of HGH treatment for your case, you can always ask your doctor’s advice and this way be certain that you will experience all the positive effects of the use of antiaging nutritional supplements.

What are the Human Growth Hormone Dangers?

With the hundreds of companies, now selling HGH products there is some differences in the side effects you may experience.

If you go with a fly by night company who is only concerned about selling as many bottles as possible, you may have to worry about some of the ingredients in their products.

Some users have reported stiffness in their muscles and joints, others have developed carpal tunnel syndrome.

There are also other products like Sytropin, which has no known side effects.  It is sold as an oral spray, which makes it more absorbable than pills that have to be digested in the stomach first before you can start to feel any benefits.

As with any health product, you want to talk to a doctor before you start taking any new supplements.

Why should you Take HGH for Antiaging?

It does not matter what I say or what anyone else says, you are the ultimate decision maker on whether or not you should take human growth hormone.  I can only provide you with the information, it is up to you if you want to take it or not.

There have been numerous studies showing the benefits of growth hormone supplementation – increased muscle mass, decreased body fat, firmer and thicker skin and increased bone density.

If some of those appeals to you then you may consider trying it.

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