Tips to Buying Herbal HGH Releaser Online Safely

buying herbal hgh releasers

Many people take herbal HGH releasers in order to retain their muscle tone and reduce fat. Yet it’s important to remember that exercise is key with HGH therapy. That is because exercise and body movement stimulate human growth hormone production in the body.

How Exercises Stimulate HGH Release?

Exercise is an HGH releaser even if you were not taking natural HGH supplement; exercise alone would also act as an HGH enhancer. Especially weight training stimulates dramatic increases of human growth hormone into the bloodstream. These mega spurts of HGH into the blood stimulate the production of insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1). Together, these two hormones regulate your metabolism and regulate the burning of fat in your body.

That is why people who weight train are often able to keep off the fat. It is not only because they are burning calories and adding muscle. It is because the weight training acts as a natural HGH releaser and the increased levels of HGH in the body burn fat as well.

However, if you are older, and there is a deficiency of HGH in your body, you may find that you are exercising and weight training but you still are not able to achieve your target body. That is because of declining HGH levels. Your metabolism is not being stimulated to burn fat and add lean tissue. One of the easiest ways to take an HGH supplement is by a sustained release spray like Sytropin or Genf20 Plus pills. If you are active, a spray is more convenient.

HGH Injections Therapy or Non-Injection HGH Product?

Below is straightforward information I have attained through my education and through my years’ experience with HGH therapy and HGH products and companies. I feel this information needs to be available so the customer can make a more informed decision about which human growth hormone product to purchase.

In order to be effective, every non-injection HGH product on the market must stimulate the pituitary gland to increase its release of human growth hormone into the blood stream. Only legitimate prescription HGH injections (not HGH injections obtained from the Internet) can give your body a large dose of growth hormone.

Authentic legal HGH injection therapy does not depend on the increased release of human growth hormone by the pituitary gland, but rather gives the body a large dose of HGH. “Human Growth Hormone for Injection” (real HGH) cannot be absorbed orally because it is destroyed in the stomach. It cannot be absorbed by sublingual means (under the tongue) because the HGH molecule is much too large to be absorbed intact via the mucosa of the mouth.

That is the reason prescription HGH is only available in injection form. The homeopathic HGH products contain a HGH formula that can be absorbed under the tongue.

The Nanogram Game

The “nanogram” game is usually played by companies or salespersons who do not have anything else to use to convince customers to purchase their product, evidence such as patient test study results showing the effectiveness of their products when used by patients, or years on the market.

So, some tell potential customers that their product contains real HGH, not homeopathic HGH, and they claim their product contains a large amount of HGH, or “the strongest HGH product you can purchase”.

They use the word “nanogram” to try to stress this point.

If the FDA allowed a certain amount of “real HGH” to be used in these products safely, and if the amount of HGH was what made these products effective, then every company would use that same amount of HGH. The companies who are making these claims do not have an exclusive arrangement with the FDA.

Buying HGH Tips

When considering which human growth hormone product to purchase, make sure the company offers a 30 day 100% money back guarantee, like in case with Sytropin. Therefore, if you decide not to keep the product you can get a refund.

Although a 90-day guarantee sounds very gracious, beware of some claims of 90-day money back guarantees. Remember, you have only 60 days after the purchase to dispute a charge made on most credit cards.

If you keep the product for 90 days then the 60-day dispute limit will be over and you will be at the mercy of the seller to uphold his guarantee and refund your money. If you request a refund after having the product for 90 days, but do not receive your refund, it is already too late to dispute the charge on your credit card.

I have been told this has happened with some sellers of natural HGH releasers who are offering a 90-day money back guarantee. I am not saying that all sellers who offer a 90-day guarantee will not refund your money. I am only passing along this information so you are aware also.