Which are the Best L-Glutamine Supplements on the Market Today?

best glutamine supplement

What is so important about l-glutamine amino acid? Which is the best glutamine supplement and what form is better to choose? Which one is cheaper, but still is a quality product?

In bodybuilding, everything matters. Each product: amino acids, vitamins or minerals contribute to the formation of the expected body relief and recovery after exhausting workouts. Thus, when choosing sports nutrition, preference is given only to those supplements that are certainly better quality, time-tested, and give the expected effect. L-Glutamine is not an exception here.

Use of Glutamine in Bodybuilding

L-Glutamine is considered to be one of the most important amino acids for our body. It’s not surprising, since muscle fibers are 60% composed of it. In case of an obvious glutamine deficiency, it is difficult to expect any obvious results in bodybuilding.

This amino acid takes an active part in the development of new muscle cells, helps in the recovery of the body, participates in synthesis of other amino acids, and improves the ability of the body to absorb minerals coming from food – magnesium, potassium and others.

Once l-glutamine is fully absorbed by the body, an active process of muscle mass growth (anabolism) begins. At the same time, a number of functions are activated that suppress catabolism and protect the muscle fibers from serious damage. The body begins to actively work to restore its organs, leading to the formation of muscle fibers.

High-Quality Best L-Glutamine Products

For many athletes, the problem of choosing a supplement is very serious. Sometimes it is difficult to decide which glutamine product is the best, what to look for, which supplements are in demand now, and so on. Let’s look at the five most popular options we’ve chosen for you:

Ultra Pure L-glutamine is one of the most popular amino acids brands. Its one of the best glutamine powders. One serving contains about 4.5 mg of the purest glutamine. In recent years (judging by the latest polls), it regularly wins in the “price/quality” nominations. The advantage of this product is high digestion rate, unique activity of all components, absence of various impurities and excellent quality.

Xtend from SciVation is a powerful recovery complex, which also contains glutamine. This is the best option for athletes who need a quick and effective recovery after a exhausting workout. In addition, it contains citrulline, BCAA-amino acids and pyridoxine.

Glutamine from Prolab is a unique supplement that contains glutamine in the purest form. According to the makers, Glutamine Prolab can significantly improve brain function, restore the work of the gastrointestinal tract, strengthen the immune system, effectively remove stress, detoxify the body and take an active part in the synthesis of proteins.


prolab glutamine powder 400g


Glutamine from Higher Power is the best in the category of inexpensive supplements, characterized by high efficiency and relatively low price. If there was an “audience sympathy price”, then this product would certainly be in the top three.

It has an excellent quality, is well absorbed by the body and gives the expected result in few months after the beginning of taking it. Having bought such a product, you can be 100% sure that money is not wasted.

Glutamine from Higher Power


Optimum Nutrition brand always pleases its customers with quality and effective products. Glutamine Powder is a powerful glutamine supplement. It provides supreme NO concentration in muscle fibers, speeds up the process of protein synthesis, replenishes all the spent amino acid stores in the body, stops the production of cortisol and speeds up the process of recovery.


Optimum Nutrition Glutamine


Sytropin human growth hormone releaser consists of not only l-glutamine, but also other strong BCAA amino acids and herbal extracts to enhance your own HGH production and helping to get better results in gym.


Sytropin Muscle Growth


If you use any of the above supplements, you can forget about such things as severe fatigue and exhaustion of the body, overtraining or complete absence of results. With glutamine, the effectiveness of training increases and at the same time, new muscle fibers grow.