How to Live Longer and Healthier with the Best Anti Aging Supplements?

how to live longer and healthier?

Aging is a fact of human life. However, the speed of the aging process varies from individual to individual. As the aging process is speeded up by various factors, scientists have proved that there are ways to slow down the aging process. Internal factors like hormones and external factors such as environment and lifestyle are the reasons for aging. While hormonal changes badly affect the various organs in the body, free radicals also accelerate the aging process and cause various age related ailments. Rean on to learn which are the best anti aging supplements and how they help to delay the aging proccess.

Nutritious diet, physical exercises and nutritional supplements are the three solutions for those who want to slow down the aging process. Regular physical exercises enable a person to maintain strong bones as well as healthy muscles. A nutritious diet system that is rich in antioxidants can effectively control aging of the body. The antioxidants can effectively prevent the free radicals from causing harm to the body and as a result the aging process is retarded. Though there are many food items that are rich sources of antioxidants, most of them are perishable and get spoiled by the time they are consumed. By way of consuming nutritional supplements, the body can be provided with the required quantity of antioxidants and other nutrients.

Anti-aging supplements are vital for life extension. The anti-aging diet may lack in many micro-nutrients that the body needs and many nutrients are destroyed during cooking of the food. Hence anti-aging supplements are quite necessary to reverse the process of aging and also to rejuvenate the body. The anti-aging supplements prevent physical and mental deterioration of the body as a result of aging. Those who want to remain healthy and cheerful in spite of getting old have to take the best anti-aging supplements as well as natural hormone boosters so as to compensate the deficit created as a result of the aging process.

Your best anti-aging supplement consist of nutrients, plant extracts and preparations according to specific formula. Those who take the anti-aging supplements should not be under the wrong impression that these pills or capsules will perform miracle and stop the aging process completely. Instead, they enable the users to stay healthy in spite of getting old and ensure the feeling of well being throughout.

14 Best Anti Aging Supplements Review:

Anti-Inflammatory Supplements – Fish Oil and Green Tea

Inflammation is associated with most of the diseases that occur due to aging. The process of aging as a whole is inflammatory. Some of the best anti aging supplements help to reduce chronic inflammation in the body. These supplements help to maintain healthy joints and healthy blood vessels.

Fish oil can cure the arthritis symptoms and helps maintain healthy heart, normal blood pressure and healthy cholesterol levels. Fish oil has no side effects. Antioxidants also prevent inflammation. Green tea is rich in antioxidants known as catechins. Green tea is considered one of the best anti aging supplements because of its anti-inflammatory effects as well as cardiovascular protection. EGCG (Epi Gallo Catechin Gallate) is the main component in green tea that prevents cellular damage.

Folic Acid

Folic acid which is a type of Vitamin B is essential for maintaining healthy cells. Various scientific studies confirm that folic acid is an ideal anti-aging supplement.

Calcium Supplements

Though calcium is not labeled as an anti-aging supplement, it is essential to maintain good health during aging, especially for women. Calcium helps to maintain bone strength and prevent osteoporosis.


The CoQ10 produced by the body converts the energy from fats and sugars into cellular energy that can be used by the body. The production of CoQ10 is affected as a result of aging. The Ubiquinol form of CoQ10 is an excellent anti-aging supplement.

Pyrrolo Quinoline Quinone (PQQ)

Declining of mitochondria in the body due to aging is cured by vigorous physical activity which is not a practical solution for aged people. PQQ facilitates production of mitochondria in the body. PQQ is a powerful antioxidant and an essential nutrient that the body cannot generate.


Loss of bone mineral density as a result of aging is quite common. Men as well as women experience Magnesium deficiency and it is all the more important to supplement the same. Besides strengthening the bones Magnesium is vital for a healthy vascular system.


Strontium is another supplement prescribed for aging people to maintain healthy bones. Strontium is vital for the skeletal system and it supports bone tissue density.


Resveratrol is also known as “red wine” and is one of the best anti aging supplements. This is a polyphenol present in the skin of grapes and berries.

Omega-3-6-9 Supplements

Omea-3 fatty acids are very effective anti-aging supplements that can ensure protection against cardiac ailments as well as rheumatoid arthritis.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba is very powerful anti-aging herb. It can increase blood circulation as well as tissue oxygenation. Gingko can reduce or eliminate wrinkles.

Winter Cherry

Winter cherry is an Indian Ayurvedic herb popularly known as Aswagandha. It is a potential anti-aging herb that can reduce the level of damage of the body due to stress. Aswagandha prevents formation of wrinkles by way of maintaining a healthy level of cortisol.


DHEA is a naturally occurring anti-aging hormone. It can regulate the sex hormones of both male and female. DHEA is highly effective in preventing the formation of wrinkles on the skin and maintaining collagen for a longer period.

Sytropin Oral Spray

Sytropin Oral SpraySytropin is a highly effective and safe anti-aging supplement. Sytropin is a perfect blend of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), amino acids and other growth factors. The powerful natural ingredients of Sytropin are L Tyrosine, L Arginine, Alpha GPC, GABA, Moomyo Extract, L Dopa Bean Extract, L-Lysine, OAG, Glycine, L-Glutamine, L-Isoleusine and L-Valine.

Sytropin has no side effects and is ideal for people of all types of health condition. Unlike other HGH products, Sytropin will not cause stomach discomfort since it is an oral spray. Sytropin is to be taken for minimum three months to get the maximum effect. Within few days of starting to take Sytropin, one can experience better energy levels and good sleep.

There are numerous anti-aging supplements available in the market. However, one has to identify the best hgh supplements that are effective as well as safe. Anti-aging supplements are to be taken along with anti-aging diet that consists of food and exercise regimen so as to ensure healthier and longer life.